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St. Mary's CYO Fishkill - 2016/2017

3/7/2017 - Congratulations to the 4th and 6th grade boys - Dutchess County Champions

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St. Mary's CYO Fishkill - Basketball Philosophy

Our program is intended to serve the youth of our parish from 1st grade through high 
school.  It should teach the fundamentals of sportsmanship and teach respect for  
other players, referees and coaches.  Our coaches should always set an example 
for our children to follow, and should make playing an enjoyable and fun experience 
for our children, win or lose.
Success in our program is determined by children who continue playing throughout
the years, by children who show high levels of sportsmanship and ability while
playing in our local high school programs,by high school students who play in our 
Friday night league, just because they love playing and by former participants and 
adults who come back to donate their time by coaching or refereeing year after year.

Basketball Program Sections
Clinic: For 1st grade boys and girls
with the focus on skill development.
Conducted Sunday's starting in 
December at 12:15
2nd-3rd Intramurals:  for boys and
girls together.  Practices start the 
last week in October.  Games begin
the first Saturday morning in 
4th-5th Intramurals: 
Boys league
which plays games on Saturday in
the middle of the day.
Girls League
known as Debs B, play games late in
the day on Saturdays or Sunday's
Practices start the last week in Oct.
6th-8th Intramurals: 
Boys league
which plays games on Sat/Sun later in
 the day.
Girls League
Which play games Sat/Sun later in the day.

Travel Teams:
Travel tryouts are held during the 
first two weeks of October.  "A"
teams are in place for the following:
Boys:  Grades 4,5,6,7,8
Girls:  Grades 5-6, 7-8
Any registered children not making 
an A-team are assigned to a In-house intramural team.
B-teams may play in-house in 
intramural leagues or can travel in
Country B-leagues
Program Overview
Intramural Objectives:
1.  Learn the game, fundamentals
and sportsmanship
2.  Equal playing time and equal
involvement for boys and girls
3.  Fun - Win or Lose
4.  Goal:  Split teams evenly, Success
is all teams win and all teams lose
Travel Objectives:
1.  Sportsmanship - the coach and 
the parents are the example
2.  Playing rule is one quarter 
3.  Learn all aspects of the game
4.  You are a representative of 
St. Mary's Fishkill at all times
5.  Easy to be a good winner, losing
teaches lessons
High School Program Objectives
1.  Program is a priviledge.
2.  Continue CYO Program involvement
3.  In the gym on Friday nights 
4.  Sportsmanship and giving back to
the parish and the program
Boys High School Program:  Friday nights
at 8 and 9 p.m. in the Gym